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This is a FREE Virtual 90 minute information packed introduction to the basic causes and dangers of poor health habits. Included will be simple ways you can take control of your health and live a much more productive, healthy and fulfilling life. You will discover: 1. How to Look at Your Health Holistically; 2. The Consequences of Not Taking Care of Yourself; 3. Six Secrets to Better Health that Don't Come in a Medicine Bottle; 4. Dealing with the Giants! The Nutritional, Physical and Mental Challenges of Poor Health Habits; and, 5. Putting Yourself First!

  • Date: 1/29/2023 03:00 PM
  • Location Online Event

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Hi! I'm Lilly and welcome to the world of Stepping Forward, LLC! My passion, and that of our team, is for a healthier world, as free as possible from the clutches of chronic disease, especially Diabetes. 

If you are interested in living the best life possible then you'll want to be on our email list. We have a number of free events coming up in the weeks and months ahead. During the year you will learn a lot about how to take control of your health challenges and take the specific action needed to reverse, manage or even eliminate these health concerns.

Upcoming topics will be centered around:

  1.  What does it mean to be "Healthy"?
  2. Your Attitude Defines Your Altitude: 6 Steps to Living Life with a Smile
  3. Don't Let Your Weight Weigh You Down
  4. Vitamins Do NOT Equal Nutrition! Take a Scoop of This Instead.
  5.  Eating to Live! (Instead of Living to Eat)
  6. Exercise is Overrated! 
  7. Ten Easy Ways to Make a Big Difference in Your Health (a 4-part series)
  8. I Don't Care!! (When you really do) 
  9. You're Number One! Yes, it's OK to Put Yourself First. 
  10. Creating Your Health Care Team