Diabetes and diabetes-related health complications can be serious and costly. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and is responsible for an estimated $327 billion in medical costs plus lost work and wages. Beyond the medical, diabetes can take a serious toll on your quality of life. It effects your physical, mental, and emotional well-being as well. While there currently is no cure for diabetes, there are a lot of things you can do to manage it and its health complications.

We would love to partner with you to set attainable goals, overcome the anxiety, fear and struggles you face. We would love to join you in experiencing the positive changes you will see through our comprehensive, holistic coaching and team approach. Taking action today with a few simple steps and the Stepping Forward team can make a huge difference for the rest of your life!

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Your Stepping Forward team provides education and self-management skills to empower those with Diabetes to be proactive about their health needs and concerns. Studies have shown that keeping A1c and blood pressure on target for those with Type 2 Diabetes reduces the risk of death and complications by up to 35%. Other studies for those with Type 1 Diabetes revealed that keeping your A1c below 7% reduced the risk of eye, kidney and nerve disease by up to 76%!

Our team implements evidence-based education and support to assist you with increasing your knowledge, improving your health, reducing complications, and lessening the burden of care for those living with Diabetes. We provide group sessions and 1:1 coaching that includes:
• Nutritional Counseling
• Physical Activity Guidelines
• Medication Management
• Blood Sugar Monitoring & Technology
• Problem Solving
• Health Coping & improving Mental Health
• Reducing Complications
• Care Management (resources, referrals & more)

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