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With all the New Year's Resolutions you can make, none is more important than protecting your health. Our fun, informative group sessions are designed to help understand how diabetes can effect you and show you the many ways you can minimize or even eliminate the effects of diabetes in your life.  

Knowing not just what to do but how to do it is key. This is where Stepping Forward can make a difference! You will have a team of Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, Registered Dieticians, Clinical Social Workers, Nurses, and Clinical Exercise Specialists ready to partner with you to achieve the success you want for yourself.

Our team implements evidence-based education that will assist you with increasing your knowledge, improving your health, reducing complications, and lessening the burden of care, reducing lost work days, minimizing episodes requiring emergency care and the anxiety uncontrolled sugar levels can cause.

Our weekly Diabetes Education & Support Groups are limited to 12 individuals. This gets you the individual attention and focused information you need while also providing motivation and encouragement from fellow group members. New groups are forming every two to three weeks. Contact us at to learn more and connect with this life-changing experience!

You can also choose to receive individual diabetes coaching from one of our team members. We offer a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs and our services. Contact us at to set this up.